It all started in 2010…

At an early age, Manas’ focus was on designing and manufacturing of originally-designed garage kits. The topics was mainly focusing on traditional Chinese Mythical and Buddhism stories and characters. Its unique style and amazing attention to details has earned great respect and patronage from the public.

From 2013, Manas Workshop has started to collaborate with renowned artists and companies across the globe and have earned its reputation through its world-class work. As time went on, Manas Workshop has accumulated experiences in production planning, product design and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Its business model covers the full lifecycle of a product which is unique in the market.

In 2016, Manas Workshop created a new product line called “S+U+M”. The vision is to build an art platform for the global market. Its goal is to build close collaborations with talented artists around the world and help their creations to reach a greater audience. At the same time, the S+U+M museum has welcomed its grand opening. Its well curated shows have attracted many new fans to the brand.

In 2018, Manas Workshop’s valuation has surpassed over one hundred million RMB, The company plans to expand aggressively in the next five years, extending collaboration with artists around the world, partnering with the movie industry on animation and helping newly emerging IP to take off.